Catchy Research Paper Topics on Public Health

Completing research paper topics on health may include using a captivating topic. A catch topic can be something trending or out of the box. The topic is likely to be something people may not think about too often. The idea should stand out and help create a unique paper worth reading. Students aiming to create such a topic should spend time looking into making their content different and figuring out what is new or what hasn’t been done.

What Have You Learned So Far?

Start with what you know about public health. Think about things other people may already know about public health. Now, how can you make your research paper different or shine a light on something new and different? You can consider writing about something you just learned you may not have known before starting your independent studies in the field. To get more creative think about who you can discuss ideas with such as someone who works in the field or even other students about what they think is catchy. You never know what you may come up with.

10 Creative Ideas to Work into Your Own

Coming up with something different or catchy may depend on how you go about brainstorming. In many cases, you may start off with something that is basic or something that is not considered new or fresh. From there, develop your idea and find new angles to research. It is possible to consider something that is new in the field or something that doesn’t get much attention but is worth researching further. Here is a list of 10 writing prompts to consider that may help in gaining the fresh perspective you need for a topic.

  1. Prescription drug discount programs.
  2. Do pets get poisoned by lead?
  3. Dealing with mental health as a teen.
  4. Creating a healthy home environment.
  5. Why people like hoarding items?
  6. Creative ways to stay in shape.
  7. Making graduation parties healthy.
  8. Smoking ads on cigarettes.
  9. Ways eating disorders develop.
  10. Popular public health leaders.

Getting Down to One

You may come across a few ideas you want to explore further. The problem is it may be challenging to get it down to one to write about. Try narrowing down to 2 or 3 ideas. Further, research each idea and see what you come up with. Check guidelines for your project and make a choice based on personal interests.

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