Picking Up Global History Research Paper Topics: 18 Great Prompts

Most students already know that one of the best ways to make a great impression on a research paper assignment is to select a great topic. But it isn’t always easy to develop a fresh topic on your own, so we created this list of 18 great global history research paper topics for your consideration by My Dissertations:

  1. How were the American colonialists able to build and maintain a network of separatists and those seeking independence while under English rule?
  2. What role did the Catholic Church have in the development of in the development of society in the decades immediately following the Dark Ages?
  3. How the Aztec Empire for so long as a result of centralized control? Did this also play a role in its fall after the Europeans arrived to the continent?
  4. In what ways were native Australian peoples affected by the colonialists who first landed and then later converted the land into a prison state?
  5. How did China rise to be one of the greatest economic powers in the modern world? Is it a case of resources, population, or available technologies?
  6. What were the major factors leading up to the French Revolution? Could they have been avoided if the monarchy had been more suppressive?
  7. How integral was France in its support for American Independence? How did it help in bankrupting the English military efforts by supplying materials to the Colonialists?
  8. What affects did WWI have in the formation and rebuilding of countries throughout Western Europe? How did these consequences lead to the start of the WWII?
  9. How did migratory patterns of African American tribes of the 13th and 14th century affect their ability to fight effectively against European slave traders and militants?
  10. How complex was the Mayan calendar and mathematical system? How did it help further the development of mathematical studies across cultures?
  11. What were the major advanced military weapons or techniques from the Middle East that had the greatest influence on European warfare in coming centuries?
  12. What role did French philosophers play in the minds of those who led both the American and French Revolutions? Did they understand the potential outcome?
  13. What do researchers and historians know about the way the Egyptian pyramids were built to survive centuries when there previously had been no prior architectural example?
  14. What were the major dividing lines between the middle an upper-classes in England during the Victorian era and how was this division made even greater in the following decades?
  15. What were the most important skills trades to have during 17th century Europe and what changes influenced the fall and rise of skilled tradesman?
  16. What were the major driving forces behind the U.S. Industrial Revolution? How was it different from that England experienced around the same time?
  17. Which American President has had the greatest effort during term in pushing world peace? Have these efforts since been scaled back or expanded?
  18. What were the major reasons for the fall of the British Empire in the late 18th and 19th centuries? Could it have been avoided if it had never lost the American colonies?
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